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Collaborative Poems Written by the Creative Writing Group on ďCare and ShareĒ

Care and Share 1

Care and Share nothing compares
To your commitment and unconditional love
That you show to the poor and all in need. 
Thereís clothes and food
Lovely hot soup and conversation to share
With church volunteers care workers 
Creative artists and friends

Care and Share 2

What goes on at Care and Share?
Helpful books about Pooh Bear,
Creative writing, arts and crafts,
Nice hot soup and hot drink,
And people to help you think,
And those who do the washing up in the sink.

Care and Share 3

To all who come through the doors 
Helpful hints and advice about the law
To keep us right, keep us keeping on
Helping people with advice on benefits and accommodation
And socialising, life skills, preparation
For what do want to do.
If youíd like to go to college
Then theyíll fill in the forms with you

Care and Share 4

Care and Share thank you for being there
Through the good times and the bad.
You fed me and showed me love
Even when I was down and sad
And no-one else cared.
Care and Share certainly know how to put a smile on you face
And make your day.
We have a lot of fun, and it takes the gloom away.
you know what it takes,
And I just have to say, ďlovely big trays of cakes ...Ē

Care and Share 5

I come to Care and Share
To meet all my mates
And interact with others.
We help each other
Like sister and brother.
They even have a jumble thatís not for sale:
Books, videos, games and clothes to wear.
See your pals and eat the meat,
Smokers stand out in the street
Like outcasts summoned home to fatted calf
(see Al for a fly wee half - a stanza that is)

Care and Share 6

Camaraderie, conversation, cake and coffee
And a wee bit of home-made toffee
If youíre feeling awfy.
Ye learn something new every time
Itís fair sublime to write in rhyme
Over tea and slices oí banoffee,
In fact sometimes itís quite sublime
Like when Gillian, Gary and Alistair are in
We get to be creative Ė
Nothing to lose, itís all win-win,
And thereís cake in the tin.
Whatever help you need, be it physical
Mental or because you have a hole in your soul
The Care and Share team is here to make you whole

Care and Share 7

Care and Share
Just about says it all doesnít it?
Sharing conversation, food and ideas.
Caring a little more about each other perhaps?
Or perhaps yourself, just that iota more
And interacting with others in a variety of ways,
Eating food together and growing in grace.
Itís the in-place, itís where itís at,
You can take off your shoes and lay down your hat.
Itís a miniature society lived at a fast pace,
But if you want to chill out
That too is what itís all about, and youíll find the space

Collaborative Limericks 

Care and Share Limerick 1

Thereís Pastor Ian Gall
who gives his very all 
heís calm and cool 
and nobodyís fool
and always there on call

Care and Share Limerick 2

Thereís our friend Bobby
photos and computers are his hobby
he has a radiant smile
and an elegant style
but he never helps David hoover the lobby

Care and Share Limerick 3

The Kitchen staff are great
the lunch is never late
the food is fine
all it lacks in a glass of wine
and a wee sing song: ďAll Lang SyneĒ

Care and Share Limerick 4

Jim Cobb is one of the riverside mob
when he goes to watch his Hearts he always has to sob
he's always on hand to help out when he can
just because he is a very good man
when it comes to Jim, you can rely on him to get on with the job

Care and Share Limerick 5

Thereís Beryl the Cook
who grafts away in her culinary nook
her portions arenít mean
every plateís licked clean
and her fish pies are well worth a look

Care and Share Limerick 6

Thereís Avril in the kitchen
her lunches have hungry mouths twitchiní
after five dishes
itís met all your gastronomic wishes
for not another morsel are you itchiní
Pages from the Creative Writing Group Portfolio on the theme of ĎHopeí

Let Go, Let Flow

Before I knew about Care and share I was fed up and lonely.  I sat staring at four walls day in day out. I had nobody to talk to and the only time I went out was when my friend came to see me.  I was sat in my homeless accommodation talking to other people who stayed  there, when one of them mentioned Care and Share, where you get a free meal and meet new people.  I decided to give it a try, so one Wednesday afternoon I went along.  I had such a great time.  Everyone was so friendly and there was a lot of laughter, good food  and advice.  After that first tike I decided I had to keep coming back at every opportunity.  

Iím a 23 year old girl who had never had her dad in her life, but I couldnít keep thinking, ďWhat if I gave up looking up for himĒ?  Just before Christmas I found him and Iíd known him for a while because he also came along to Care and Share, so coming here made my dreams come true.  Since the first day I came I have started looking forward to a Wednesday so I can come here, have fun and catch up with friends.  Nobody judges you or your abilities, and if you say something youíre good at, then they help you tune it to the best of your ability.



What is hope?  I donít actually know!  All I do know is that without it we have nothing!  Care and Share gives me hope.  Itís somewhere for me to go instead of sitting in a room staring at four walls day in day bout.  Itís all about spending time with others and having something to eat.  You have a chance to speak to service providers that can help you and give you hope so that you can more on.  Care and Share is all about hope, moving on, social networking and learning new skills to help with your personal development.  

Before I came to Care and Share my depression was rock bottom.  All I did was lie in my bed sleeping or staring at the four walls every day.  Basically it was the same every day.  Now I have a reason to get up in the morning.  My depression is on an even keel, and I hope I can keep it that way.  I turn to the drink to a point if Iím not around my friends who donít drink.  When I get paid I would waste all my money on drink, but being at Care and Share also helps me keep off it, and gives me something to do.  Now I have hope that Iím able to change my life by getting a place to live, stay off the drink, even get a job eventually.  I have so many plans and finally I have the hope to put my plans into action with the help at Care and Share and from the other service providers who go there.



When I first started coming to Care and Share, I was hoping to come into a group where I could build friendships and have a sense of wellbeing again.  At the start I didnít know anyone or anything about Care and Share, but as I came in I was made very welcome and given some hope and some stability as I was quite fragile at that time.

I had been coming to the Care and Share for about eight months and gradually went from being a quiet person to a confident person.  After that I started to become a volunteer and now Iím wishing to bring others who need the help and friendship that I got at Care and Share.

David Morris



Learning at Care and Share

Learning volunteering
learning sharing
learning caring
learning about being vulnerable
learning about priorities
learning about othersí problems

learning learning
learning about learning
learning from learning

Pat Arthur


Care share and hope
camaraderie friendship 
no judgement 
Hope hope hope ...

Pat Arthur

Giving Hope to Others

Helping other people is what I like to do
offering my time and share a kindly word or two.
Passing information on and giving some direction,
enjoying the company and the chat
and having a connection

Lisa Dunbar

Care and Share 1

At Care and Share nobody judges.
It doesnít matter about your background,
it doesnít matter how you look,
or what you do.
Coming to Care and Share is like coming home,
itís just like being part of a family.
Care and Share is all about caring, 
not about judgement.
Itís held in a church, but you donít need to be religious


Care and Share 2

All I did was stare at the same four walls
day after day, week after week,
nobody to talk to,
nowhere to go,
nothing to do.
Then my friend told me about Care and Share:
ďYou get a free mealĒ, they said
when I got there I was really shy,
but everyone was so friendly and caring,
I felt at ease within minutes.
Yeah, you have a meal,
but your also have a laugh,
and make friends:
they understand what youíre going through, 
and thereís always someone to talk to when you have a problem:
so come along and join the fun at Care and Share



You find yourself homeless
you think nobody cares
you donít know where to go or who to ask for help 
to sort out your problems, or give you advice.
Just relax Ďcos I know just the place for you to go
from two until five every Wednesday afternoon,
go to Riverside Church 
thereís a group called Care and Share.
Theyíll point you in the right direction
if all you need is someone to listen, they will listen.
You even get a free meal, 
but above all this you make friends with others who are in your situation,
so when youíre down and out with nothing to do
take a step forward and come to Care and Share
Youíll never regret it!





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