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Tile 1.  Lunch at Care and Share.  Made with some old and some new pieces.  This represents the old  and new visitors to Care and share.  Older pieces symbolise wear and tear, and the purple gems represent difficulties being brightened over










Tile 2.  Davidís Cross.  The cross was created in the pre-Christmas session with the purpose of being placed on Davidís grandmotherís grave.  He decided to contribute his work to the mosaic project as it would be seen more frequently and by more people.   It is surrounded by pebbles as a connection to nature as there is nothing artificial involved in religion, the latter of which marked a turning point in his life.
Tile 3.  The Hand of Care and Share.  This represents the helping hands of Riverside Church and the community that is Care and Share.
Tile 4.  Finding your Marbles at Care and Share.  The watch is the changing of times .  Locks and keys represent being locked into situations.  It is symmetrical because the balance helped clear the contributorís mind and stay focussed.
Tile 5.  The Foolish Man Built his house upon the Sand.  There was a place and a time when there was peace and happiness.  This was taken from a sketch and developed into the mosaic using flat stones and shells for colour
Tile 6.  The Teacup for Care and Share.  Each piece was carefully chosen and positioned to emphasise the cup and saucer. Another cathartic process.
Tile 7.  The Broken Heart.  A visit to Care and Share to distract from the pain of a broken heart.  The keys for the lock are all there.  They just have to be found, and trust gained before they can be used.
Tile 8.  Bonding people Together.  Being made of metal, the coins, nuts, bolts and hinges represent holding life together, strength and support.

Tile 9. All the Things you Would Like to Have but Might Never Get'.  There are things we would like to have but may never possess.  The pieces were chosen by a daughter with her mother.  She was drawn to the colourful and shiny pieces available.

Tile 10.  Life is just a Game.  The materials here were placed strategically and balanced symmetrically to create a clear uncluttered state of mind in the contributor when he was in a confused and uneasy place.
Tile 11.  Before and after the Bottle.  Life before and after a life of alcohol is depicted here.  The diagonal metal bottle tops separate the dark side from the new side of life where her marbles were found.  The central clock face represents the changing of time.
Tile 12.  This is Riverside Church!  Here there is quite simple use of found objects (buttons, stones, plastic mesh) to represent the sanctuary that Care and Share offers to its members.
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The mosaicís central board is derived from developmental work based on observations of features on the church building and in the content of the church programme.  Created with smashed crockery it represents the windows of the church, which in turn represent the plates that held the food that feeds the members on a Wednesday afternoon.






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